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Kinno Towel Co., Ltd. has a direct sales store gK 'S COTTON HOUSEh near Kansai International Airport in Izumisano City, gOsaka Towelh producing district [one of the Japanese two major towel producing district]. We sell the highest-quality soft and comfortable towels at reasonable price, which our employees devote themselves to making. Our towels are best for those who have sensitive skin, babies, and senior citizens. We have a lot of regular customers. Our goods are most suitable for treating yourself and a gift giving. We have lots of beautiful and charming goods such as stuffed toys, hats, mufflers, bags, bathrobes, as well as bath towels, face towels, guest towels, as seen in pictures. Some items are available for in store sale only. Please come to our store.

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yAddressz 1-5-31, Hagurazaki, Izumisano-shi, Osaka
yOpening Hoursz11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
yRegular HolidayzSundays, holidays

We sell a lot of beautiful towels at the store!!
Please come to the store when you come to Kansai International Airport!!


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